12 September 2012

POST #335

So, it's been a while since the last post.  It was also a bit of a wait to the ones prior to that.

I may have been a bit lazy about the posting, but the music submissions haven't been quite as slow, so I'm doing a little catch-up post and putting up a batch of what would normally be the new-and-unrelated tracks.

I do have a much more interesting than usual post brewing, which should be up in a couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy these.

First up is a track from the  Mazez Tape by Younghoon Beats.

Younghoon Beats - Voices

I loved the last album from Mutts, Pray for Rain.  Now they've got a new one out, Separation Anxiety, and after a couple of listens I'd say it's even better.  Here's the opening track.  I'd say they were listening to some Tom Waits before they layed this one down.
Mutts - So Many, So Many

Belgian rockers Arrow Haze have released the first song of their upcoming album, Music Factory.  The album is scheduled to follow in late November.
Arrow Haze - Casino

I'll finish things up with the latest from Scotland's Father Sculptor.  They're  releasing a new track every couple of weeks, so keep an eye on their website.  Can't wait for a full-length from these guys.

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