24 July 2012

An aside concerning the coverage of a tragedy

For the first time since I started this blog, I’m going to do a quick post that has absolutely nothing to do with music.  I, like everyone else in the nation (and the world) have been watching coverage of the tragedy at the Colorado theater for the last few days, and some thoughts have got me upset to the point that I want to vent a bit, and since this is a forum that’s open to me, I’m going to use it.  Feel free to skip this and come back in a couple days when I put up some more music.

It’s actually not specifically about the shooting.  It’s about the gun lobbies, both pro and anti.  Ever since the news broke on Thursday night/ Friday morning, both sides have been trying to point to this as a reason for their side to obviously be more correct than the other.  So, let me break these ideas down right quick.

First, to those who say this shows how we need stricter gun controls, here’s a few facts:  the perpetrator (who will remain nameless here) had never before been in trouble with the law, nor had he ever been diagnosed with a mental condition.  So, regardless of how you wrote the laws, short of a total ban, there would be nothing to stop him from legally obtaining those firearms.

And as for a total ban,  as much of a liberal as I am, I absolutely don’t think a total ban on firearms could ever possibly work.  People intent on doing harm would still find a way to get weapons, and those who use firearms responsibly (hunting, etc.) would be up shit creek.  And again, though I am quite the liberal, I do believe in the second amendment.

Next, to the pro-gun activists (one of whom is an ousted politician in my own state) who say that things would have been different if more people in the theater had been armed, think about this.  You have a darkened theater, some type of gas clouds (I’ve heard alternately that they were tear gas or smoke bombs), and a guy dressed all in black, complete with gas mask, and full body armor.  Do you really think that if there had been a bunch more guns in that room that he would have been the first, or only, one to get shot?

So, I guess what I’m really trying to say to both sides is please shut the fuck up and stop trying to further your own agendas by getting publicity off of this senseless tragedy.  Neither side is right, and the more you try to push your viewpoint, the more you show how much you don’t deserve to be listened to.

Vent over.  Music will resume in a few days.  In the meantime, please keep the victims and their families in your prayers.


JJ said...

I don't think anyone on "the left" is arguing for a complete ban on guns as you say. It's perfectly reasonable however to argue for a ban on assault weapons or other types of guns like that, that are perfect for the military, but make no sense for personal use. And when is the time to take up this issue? I say now is the perfect time, when the effects of these sorts of weapons in the wrong hands can be seen.

Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

I don't think this loon qualified as part of "a well armed militia" - so the hallowed 2nd amendment really doesn't apply... very few gun owners would apply to that criteria. yet the NRA prevails.