06 March 2012

POST #314

Gary Clark Jr - Bright Lights: Live At KCRW by GaryClarkJr


friend of rachel worth said...

scary that dumbing up was over 10 yrs ago - hope you are right about the box set . Still live in hope for some new material

Puffin Randy said...

The 5 dis set is supposed to be released April 10 in the US... other places I'm not sure. Title is Arkeology

Tracklist: World Party, Arkeology

1. “Waiting Such A Long Time”
2. “Nothing Lasts Forever”
3. “Everybody’s Falling In Love”
4. “Where Are You Going When You Go”
5. “Photograph”
6. “Everybody Dance Now”
7. “Closer Still”
8. “I Want To Be Free”
9. “I’m Only Dozing”
10. “No More Crying”
11. Interview/”Sweet Soul Dream” (Live Radio)

1. “Lucille”
2. “The Good Old Human Race”
3. “Put the Message in the Box” (Live)
4. “Trouble Down Here”
5. “Basically”
6. “Silly Song”
7. “Man We Was Lonely”
8. “She’s The One” (Live)
9. “Ship of Fools”
10. “Mystery Girl”
11. “This is Your World Speaking”
12. “All The Love That’s Wasted”
13. “Lost in Infinity”
14. “New Light”

1. “Words”
2. “Dear Prudence”
3. “Call Me Up” (Live Radio)
4. “Like A Rolling Stone”
5. “Sooner Or Later”
6. “Love Street”
7. “Time On My Hands”
8. “Who Are You”
9. “Sweetheart Like You”
10. “Another World”
11. “You’re Beautiful, But Get Out of My Life”
12. “Living Like The Animals”
13. “Stand” (Live)
14. “Thank You World” (Original Jam)

1. “Break Me Again”
2. “Baby” (Demo)
3. “Ship Of Fools”
4. “Put The Message In The Box”
5. “When Did You Leave Heaven”
6. “Nature Girl”
7. “It’s A Pity You Don’t Let Go”
8. “My Pretty One”
9. “De Ho De Hay”
10. “We Are The Ones”
11. “World Groove”/”Mind Guerilla”
12. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”
13. “Kuwait City”
14. “Do What I Want”
15. “All We Need Is Everything”
16. “Outro”

1. “Mystery Girl” (Early Version)
2. “What Is Love All About” (Outtake)
3. “I Hope it All Works Out For You”
4. “And God Said” (Long version)
5. “It Ain’t Gonna Work”
6. “Another One”
7. “I Am Me”
8. “It’s Gonna Be Alright”
9. “In Another World”
10. “Thank You World”
11. “Cry Baby Cry”
12. “Temple Of Love”
13. “Fixing A Hole”
14. “Way Down Now” (Live)
15. “Change The World”

DeadBilly said...

Awesome. I'll have to pull this post down (or at least shorten it) when it comes out, since several of the tracks will be on it.

Thanks for the info.

Puffin Randy said...

I have one on pre-order from Amazon and I'm really looking forward to it. I picked up a few of the titles several years ago off of World Party's web site (nothing you haven't put up in better quality). I understand from an interview I saw a while back with Karl, that he's tired of the typical "box set" so this one will be packaged in something like book form from what I could gather. The price from Amazon is pretty reasonable only 34.99 plus shipping.