03 January 2012

POST #297

As usual for me, I spent the entire month of December posting holiday tunes. During that time a bunch of music was sent my way, but I haven't had a chance to pass any of it on - until now. Here's a quick round up of some of the best new songs that have been hanging out in my in box for the past month.

Mutts' Pray For Rain has been growing on me more with each listen. I posted one track of theirs on my year-end compilation, but the album is fairly eclectic, so one track doesn't really give a full picture. Here's another one. By the way - the album is available as a pay-what-you- want download at muttsmusic.com. Definitely worth a listen.

Mutts - Throwback

I don't yet know much about Alexis Gideon, but I'm liking the single, "Skyrock". Can't wait to hear more.

King Washington have a new album, The Gears, on its way in February. Here's a sneak peek track from it. (More info on them at kingwashingtonmusic.com)

King Washington - 4th Of July

And one final note. That image at the top is one of the shots I took at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix a couple months ago. If you ever get the chance to swing over there, it's an amazing place.

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