27 August 2010

POST #231

Nothing to download this time 'round. Just wanted to do a quick post of a live set that Frightened Rabbit has been kind enough to share.

On our most recent US tour we saw we had a day off in San Francisco and had no idea what to possibly do to fill our day. Alcatraz? Haight ashbury? Maybe just stroll round this beautiful city and take in the sites...

"I know", someone said, "Why don't we just go to work? It'll be great!! We'll play an acoustic show and get the guys from revision3 in to film it and we'll put it online and people can embed it on their blogs and it'll be totally amazing!"

"I quite fancy the zoo", Scott said.

"Too late now it's 3 o'clock we have to load in our gear and soundcheck."

By the way, Frightened Rabbit will be back in the states in October and November, so you want to see the real thing, check out the dates here.

And buy their albums here.

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