07 August 2010

POST #226

A couple of other interesting things to mention:

Frightened Rabbit have released a new song through their mailing list. To join up and get the new tune ("Son C") and a bunch of new images, go on over here.

In other news, I recently heard from a fairly respectable source that they're currently in the beginning stages of work on a new Crow movie. This news alone would mean a thing to me (never been a huge fan of the franchise), but rumor has it that they've hired one Nick Cave to pen the screenplay.

Now, true, this is unofficial news and could mean absolutely nothing, but based on Nick's work on The Proposition (buy) and his novels, And The Ass Saw the Angel, and The Death of Bunny Monroe (buy) I'd love to see what he would do with The Crow.

In further Nick Cave news: Bad Seeds side project Grinderman have a new disc and tour coming up. The album, Grinderman 2, is scheduled for mid-September, with the tour to follow. Dates can be found here.

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