25 June 2010

POST #216

A couple of other things to let you know about:

Indie band Oh My God have released a new video, featuring one Miss Tila (Tequila). The song, "My Own Adventure", is off their latest album, The Night Undoes The Work Of The Day (CD) (mp3), which is well worth your attention.

Irish band The Guggenheim Grotto have issued a new album, The Universe Is Laughing. It's been available for download over at their website for a few weeks, and has just been made available on CD here.

For those who've heard their first two albums, this sounds like a cross between the two. That mildly electronic feel that Happy The Man had has been toned down on the new album, giving it a more loosely-produced, small band feel which fits them very well. I recommend giving it a listen.

Here's a taster, courtesy of the band:

The Guggenheim Grotto - "Wisdom"

NPR has a five song live set by Swedish singer The Tallest Man On Earth streaming on their site. It was recorded during a show at Mountain Stage earlier this year. Hear it here.

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