04 June 2010


Here's a couple of upcoming albums you might be interested in checking out:

On June 15th, Jonny Rumble will be releasing their fourth album, JR. Not heard of them? They're an indie-rock group out of Chicago that kind of has a similar feel to Arctic Monkeys (but a bit more psychedelic-rock) or Gomez (but a bit more rockin'). Here's a couple of tracks to give you a taster:

Jonny Rumble - "BRZRKR"
Jonny Rumble - "Cox Road"

pick up some albums:

Good For the Market, 2006 (buy)
Almost Dead, 2008 (buy)
JR, 2010 (pre-order vinyl)

Ray LaMontagne has just announced a new disc, coming August 17th. The new album, titled God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise, was recorded over a two-week period at Ray's home in Massachusetts. I don't have anything off the new album to share yet, so here's a couple of lesser-known cuts from him:

Ray LaMontagne - "Trouble" (Radio Remix)
Ray LaMontagne - "You Should Belong To Me" (live)

Ray's discs:

Trouble, 2004 (buy)
'Till the Sun Turns Black, 2006 (buy)
Gossip In the Grain, 2008 (buy)
God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise, 2010

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