05 May 2010

POST #206

I've mentioned Welcome To Ashley before - back when their EP, Absent Man, was big on my personal playlist. Now, I wanted to let y'all know that they have a new full-length out, Beyond the Pale.

Their sound, if you haven't already given them a listen, is a modern-edged throwback to eighties and nineties college/alternative rock. Their most obvious influence is The Smiths, but there's also some Psychedelic Furs, perhaps a touch of The Cult, and even a bit of seventies glam thrown in.

Here's a taste of the new disc:

Welcome to Ashley - "These Dreams of Mine"

If you like that, you can take a listen to the whole album at their MySpace page, or their Bandcamp page. Be sure you give a listen to "What a Day It Was For Dying" and "The Catbird Seat". Awesome stuff.

Beyond the Pale can be purchased on iTunes, but it doesn't look like Amazon has it yet.

For the locals:

This Friday and Saturday is the annual Hoodstock benefit over at Hoodlum's Music in Tempe. Here's the line up:

Friday, May 7th

5PM: Carol Pacey
6PM: Integers are for Counting
7PM: What's Left
8PM: Psych 101

Saturday, May 8th

1PM: Nina Curri
2PM: Sarah Roberts
3PM: Robby Roberson
4PM: Big. Fast. Easy
5PM: Maricopa County Prison Band
6PM: Mojo Farmers
7PM: Dry River Yacht Club
8PM: Flathead

More information at the Hoodlum's site.

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