02 March 2010


After that last bit of nonsense, I'm taking it a bit easy for a while. I do have a few things in the works (at least one of which is even legit!) that I'll put up in the near future, but it may not be a once or twice a week thing like it has been.

I'm also seriously considering moving the blog to a different server. Any suggestions for a good (and free) blog site?

As long as I'm posting on a Tuesday, I may as well put up a new release list. Here's the stuff that looks interesting to me today:

Black 47 - Bankers and Gangsters (buy) Haven't heard from them in years, but I liked their early stuff.

Danny Elfman - Alice in Wonderland soundtrack (buy) Elfman scoring for Tim Burton. Who'd a thunk it? There's also a various artist, Almost Alice (buy) disc coming out today, but it looks like crap.

Flogging Molly - Live at the Greek Theater (buy) Double live disc with a DVD.

John Hiatt - The Open Road (buy)

Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back (buy) (buy deluxe) I'm not a big fan of cover albums. In my mind, it's like saying you have no ideas of your own left. But it is Peter Gabriel, so I'll give it a shot.

There's also a little movie called Where The Wild Things Are (buy) coming out today. Maybe you've heard of it?

That's all for now. I'll be back later with some music.


Anonymous said...

I see some are moving to wordpress

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