11 February 2010


Here's one I haven't covered before. The Charlatans (or The Charlatans UK in the States) are a band from the UK (big surprise). At the time they released their first album, they were lumped in to the "Manchester sound" category, along with the likes of Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses.

Two decades on, they've changed there sound a bit, replaced a few guys along the way, and left the major labels behind, but they're still going strong.

Yeah, there were a few other things that happened between then and now, but who really cares about the history? Let's get to the music.

For those of y'all who have followed the band from the start, you're already aware that they released an official compilation of b-sides a while back, Songs From the Other Side (buy), so I'm avoiding the tunes that are available on it..

There's also talk of a deluxe repackaging of the debut album, Some Friendly, to be released this year (its twentieth anniversary), but they haven't stated what's gonna be on it, and since most of the singles I have are from that era, there's likely to be some over lap. Once the track list is announced, I'll take down anything that may be on it.

(files expired)

The Charlatans - "Weirdo" (Alternate Take) I wasn't overly impressed with their second album, but this tune is fantastic. This version was on the single of the same name.
The Charlatans - "Indian Rope" (Demo) A later version of this would become their first single, and get them signed to a major label.
The Charlatans - "Taurus Moaner" B-side of "Then".
The Charlatans - "Then" (Live) Recorded at the Manchester Apollo in 1992, and released on one of the "Tremelo Song" singles.
The Charlatans - "Time For Livin'" Recorded for an out of print album benefiting the War Child charity.
The Charlatans - "Sleepy Little Sunshine Boy" From the "Forever" single.

Get some imported Charlatans:

Some Friendly, 1990 (buy)
Between 10th & 11th, 1992
Up To Our Hips, 1994
The Charlatans, 1995 (buy)
Tellin' Stories, 1997 (buy)
Us and Only Us, 1999 (buy)
Wonderland, 2001 (buy)
Up At the Lake, 2004 (buy)
Simpatico, 2006 (buy)
You Cross My Path, 2008 (buy) (buy deluxe)

A completely unrelated announcement: The Proclaimers and Billy Bragg perform a double header acoustic concert at Bridport's Electric Palace in Dorset in support of Legal Action Charity Reprieve on Friday 26th March. Tickets: £25 from West Dorset Tourist Information Centre, Bridport South Street, DT6 3NY. Tel: 01308 424901

If anyone gets an extra ticket to the show, and airfare from the US to Dorset, feel free to pass it my way.

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