15 January 2010


First off, an addition to yesterday's post on the Haiti earthquake. It has come to my attention that some folks aren't comfortable donating to a charity they're unfamiliar with. These days, I can't blame them.

If you're more comfortable donating to a tried and true charity, here's a link to the American Red Cross. If you can afford it, please give a little something.

Most out there are likely already familiar with jam band Blues Traveler. They had a minor hit in 1990 with "But Anyway", and have had a huge group of loyal fans ever since. Then in '94 they broke through to the mainstream with their single "Run-Around".

While they've never repeated that success (which is probably a good thing), they still maintain a huge following, with particular thanks to their legendary live shows.

Here's a bit of an introduction for the newbs, and a bit of a treat for the fans that only have the albums:

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Blues Traveler with Carlos Santana - "Mountain Cry" (live) Recorded at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on September 29, 1991. Taken from the very limited On Tour Forever EP, which was included in some copies of Travelers and Thieves, which is also the album that has the studio version.
Blues Traveler - "I'm Walkin'" (Fats Domino cover) From the Cool and the Crazy soundtrack.
Blues Traveler - "Diner" B-side of the "Canadian Rose" single.
Blues Traveler - "Escaping" B-side of "Run-Around".
Blues Traveler - "Run-Around" (live) B-side of the "Hook" single. Recorded live on Vh-1.
Blues Traveler - "12 Swords" One of the tracks given away for free at their website. It had been planned for an album called The Sun, The Storm and The Traveler, but the album was scrapped after the death of bassist Bobby Sheehan. Instead, the band released four of the tracks as a free EP. I had planned to link to the download page, as it was still available two days ago, but it seems to be gone now.


Blues Traveler, 1990 (buy)
Travelers and Thieves, 1991 (buy)
Save His Soul, 1993
Four, 1994 (buy)
Straight On Till Morning, 1997
Decisions of the Sky: A Traveler's Tale of Sun and Storm, 2000 (free EP)
Bridge, 2001 (buy)
Truth Be Told, 2003 (buy)
¡Bastardos!, 2005 (buy)
Cover Yourself, 2007 (buy) (acoustic versions of older songs)
North Hollywood Shootout, 2008 (buy)

In other news. . . Welcome to Ashley have released a new video. "Nothing But Grey Skies Ahead" also happens to be the first song I heard from them, and now we have visuals to go with the excellent track:


Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

DeadBilly said...

Not sure what your assignment could have been, that this would help. But, hey, that's cool. Glad to help out.

Maybe if I'd had to write about obscure songs from various bands, I could have finished my own degree - I left when I was 3 classes shy of a BFA.

M said...

Any chance you have "Didn't Mean to Wake Up" by Blues Traveler? It's a rarity that was only released on a fan club cassette. I remember having an mp3 copy years ago and I can't find it now...

DeadBilly said...

Sorry. No luck on that one. I'll keep an eye out, though.