20 November 2009


It seems that after nearly three years of posting once or twice a week, I've gotten to the point where most of my new posts are revisiting bands I've mentioned before. That's alright. There's a lot of good stuff I've found since I last posted on many of them.

Besides, December is almost here, and I'm planning to do the same thing I did last year for the holiday season. One festive song a day, through Christmas.

Maybe in December I'll find some new bands, and some new goodies to share in the new year. In the mean time, here's a bunch more from the Canadian rockers with one of the best band names ever, The Tragically Hip.

(files expired)

The Tragically Hip - "Oh, Honey" From the Men With Brooms soundtrack.
The Tragically Hip - "Daredevil (Reprise)" An alternate version of the track from Day For Night.
The Tragically Hip - "Radio Show" Outtake from Fully Completely, released through the band's website.
The Tragically Hip - "Bobcaygeon" (Acoustic Radio Session) Recorded July 7, 1998 in London. Original version is on Phantom Power.
The Tragically Hip - "Problem Bears" In Violet Light outtake, released through their fan club.
The Tragically Hip - "Reformed Baptist Blues" (Live) One of the first songs they wrote, though they've never issued a studio version.
The Tragically Hip - "Anchor On a Thread" An outtake from the Road Apples sessions.

Here's the albums list:

The Tragically Hip, 1987 (buy) (EP)
Up To Here, 1989 (buy)
Road Apples, 1991 (buy)
Fully Completely, 1992
Day For Night, 1994 (buy) (my personal favorite)
Trouble at the Henhouse, 1996 (buy)
Phantom Power, 1998 (buy)
Music at Work, 2000 (buy)
In Violet Light, 2002 (buy)
In Between Evolution, 2004 (buy)
World Container, 2006 (buy)
We Are the Same, 2009 (buy)

Here's a bonus unrelated video - I seem to be posting a lot of those lately. This is Lisa Hannigan performing a live cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus". A good version throughout, but the end rocks.

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