30 November 2009


Here's a quick one before I get started on the Christmas posts.

I was just made aware of one of those 3-d concert movies that will be in theaters in a couple weeks. You know, like U2 and pretty much every Disney property, er, musical act has released. The difference here being that the bands in this one are actually ones that I'd want to see.

I've posted about Ben Harper before. I can say from experience that he puts on a great live show. I saw him years ago in Chicago. From what I've seen of him with Relentless 7, he hasn't lost any of the fire.

Dave Matthews Band are, of course, well known for their live shows. I think they've released as many live albums as studio ones. I've always like what I've heard from them, though I haven't delved very deep into their catalog.

The only band in the show that I'm not familiar with is Gogol Bordello, but they just finished recording an album with Rick Rubin producing. That alone is usually a sign of good things to come.

The reason I bring this all up is because, as the poster there mentions, the show is only going to be in theaters for 1 week (December 11-17). So, I figured I'd get the word out ahead of time, so those of you who are interested have a chance to see it.

Information on what theaters will be showing it can be found here.

Back tomorrow with the start of the holiday posts.

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Anonymous said...

man i just saw the movie and it was the BOMB!!! they bumped the volume n it was a few of us getting their dance on too.. i swear it was like a real concert! Well minus the no-smoking part lol