13 November 2009


I suppose if I had been planning ahead, I could have come up with some interesting reference to Friday the 13th to post today. Oh well, guess I missed the boat on that one. I'm sure there's plenty of other blogs making those references, though, and I hate to look like I'm following the crowd.

Here's a band that didn't like to follow the crowd, either (ooh, it's like I'm a real writer). A House formed in Ireland in the mid eighties. They put out three fantastic non-album singles, before releasing their debut album, On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round, in 1988. To this day that one remains one of my favorite albums.

Though they never achieved huge fame outside Ireland, they did come close in some areas with "Endless Art", a song whose lyrics are a stream-of-consciousness list of great artists from many different forms of art (painters / sculptors / actors / composers).

Here's a batch of stuff you won't find on their albums:

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A House - "Kick Me Again Jesus" The first single. This was later included on a best-of, but that has gone out of print, and it never was available in the States.
A House - "Snowball Down" The second single. Never available on an album.
A House - "Heart Happy" The third single.
A House - "Michael" One of the b-sides of "Call Me Blue", which was their biggest hit until "Endless Art" came along.
A House - "This Child Is Yours and Not Mine" B-side of "I'll Always Be Grateful".
A House - "I Feel Love" (Donna Summer cover) B-side of "Here Come the Good Times".
A House - "More Endless Art" After getting some guff over only having male artists mentioned in "Endless Art", the band recorded this new version and released it as a b-side when the first one was put out as a single.

None of A House's albums are currently in print, and the CDs can go for some descent money when you can find them. Here's the list:

On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round, 1988
I Want Too Much, 1990
I Am The Greatest, 1991
Wide Eyed and Ignorant, 1994
No More Apologies, 1996

These days, if you're in Ireland, you can catch Dave Couse gigging and releasing solo material. But, as is so often the case with the music I write about, good luck finding anything by him in the US.

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Anonymous said...

Cripes! I'd forgotten all about them. I did enjoy them back in the day. Thanks. W.