30 October 2009


The Fratellis are a three piece rock band from Scotland. They hit it big a couple years back with their debut album, which included extremely catchy songs like "Chelsea Dagger" and "Flathead", the latter of which was used in an iPod commercial.

They followed up the success of that first disc with an album called Here We Stand. Their sound at that point had matured, and as a result the album, though quite good, was less successful. People were apparently hoping for more of the good-time music that permeated the first effort.

Here's a batch of tunes not included on either album:

(files expired)

The Fratellis - "The Pimp" B-side of the vinyl version of "Chelsea Dagger"
The Fratellis - "All Along the Watchtower" (Dylan via Hendrix cover) From a covers compilation recorded for Radio 1.
The Fratellis - "3 Skinny Girls" If you bought the CD in the US, this was a free download you were entitled to at the time.
The Fratellis - "Cuntry Boys & City Girls" If you bought the US CD, you missed this track. It was on the original UK version of the album, but replaced on the US version with "The Gutterati?"
The Fratellis - "The Gutterati?" Not to leave the Brits out in the cold, here's the US album track not on the UK version.
The Fratellis - "Got Me Nuts From a Hippy" (demo) A free download available through their own Budhill Singles Club, which can be joined for free here.
The Fratellis - "Lay Down Easy" B-side of the "Whistle For the Choir" vinyl single.

Now give 'em some cash:

Costello Music, 2006 (buy)
Singles Club, Vol. 1, 2006-2007 (download)
Here We Stand, 2008 (buy)
Singles Club, Vol. 2, 2008 (download)

The Fratellis are currently taking a break, during which Jon is recording with a new band, Codeine Velvet Club.

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