22 September 2009


I don't have one particular artist I feel like posting about today, so I'm putting up a few random songs I like. Ones that haven't been huge hits anywhere, and I think could use a little bit of extra attention.

One quick note - the image I'm using today (I seem to be on a stormtrooper kick with the non-music images) was created by a photographer who goes by the moniker of Powerpig. He's done quite a bit of work with Star Wars action figures, and he does have prints available. Check out his work here.

But the reason y'all came by here in the first place was the music. Here you go:

(files expired)

Public Image Ltd. - "Disappointed" (live) I got this one years ago from a sampler CD called The CMJ Prisoner. "CMJ" being the College Music Journal. The studio version of the song is on 9, but is easier to find these days on their best of. (buy)
The Kevin McDermott Orchestra - "Slow Boat to Something Better" I don't know much about the band, but there were a couple of tracks on their album, Mother Nature's Kitchen, (buy) that I really liked. He (McDermott) appears to have several other albums out, but I've never heard anything more from him.
Scissor Sisters - "Ambition" Apparently, they're one of Elton John's favorite bands. Given my usual taste in music, I logically shouldn't like them that much, but damn if their stuff isn't catchy as hell. This was the b-side of "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'", which Elton appears on, and which was given away free at a store when I bought a different album a while back.

Taking a look at the new release board, here's the interesting stuff I'm spotting today:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - White Lunar (buy) (another soundtrack from the current kings of soundtracks)
David Gray - Draw the Line (buy) (buy deluxe) (at the moment, both versions are the same price)
Elvis Costello - Spike (buy) (reissue with no bonus tracks)
Elvis Costello - Mighty Like a Rose (buy) (reissue with no bonus tracks)
Lisa Germano - Magic Neighbor (buy)
Los Lobos - Los Lobos Goes Disney (buy) (kids album, apparently an Amazon exclusive)
Pearl Jam - Backspacer (buy)
Rufus Wainwright - Milwaukee At Last!!! (buy) (live CD and DVD)

On top of all these, there's also re-issues from Mudhoney, Ween, and Willie Nelson. That's a pretty damn good week for music.

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