04 August 2009


Ah, that's better. This time the graphic isn't nearly as crappy looking as the last one.

And on top of that, this list is one of the best that I've come up with. Loaded with rare tracks, and filled with some great artists, several of which haven't gotten their due.

. . . with special guest appearance by God! (Now let's see if anyone out there gets that obscure reference)

Here's some music:

(files expired)

1 Mondo Cané - "Spaceman"
2 Janitor Joe - "What's Going On"
3 Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Janitor"
4 David Hyde Pierce - "You Won't Succeed on Broadway"
5 Ben Folds Five - "Hava Nagila" (live)
6 Fear of Pop - "In Love"
7 William Shatner - "Rocket Man"


1 Mondo Cané was a Michigan (and for a time Minneapolis) based band in the nineties. I'm convinced that had they been from New York or Seattle, they would have gotten signed and wouldn't need this introduction. If you've never heard Mondo before, this may not be the best track to start with, for that go take a listen to "Guns". Most of their recorded work can be downloaded from the Music Archive.
2 Hüsker Dü cover from the out-of-print compilation Dü Hüskers: The Twin Cities Replays Zen Arcade. Janitor Joe is, unfortunatley, best known as the band that lost their bass player, Kristen Pfaff, to Courtney Love's Hole. Prior to her departure, the band was comprised of Kristen, Joachim Breuer, and Matt Entsminger (formerly of Mondo Cané).
3 Taken from the out-of-print rarities compilation In Light Syrup. California band Toad the Wet Sprocket took their name from a line in a sketch by British comedy legends Monty Python.
4 From the original Broadway cast recording of Monty Python's Spamalot, (buy) which also features Tim Curry and Hank Azaria. Well worth the price of purchase if you like the Pythons.
5 Cover of a traditional Hebrew song. B-side of the "Battle of Who Could Care Less" single.
6 Fear of Pop was a one-off side project from Ben Folds. The lead vocals on this particular track are by William Shatner. It's taken from their one and only album, Volume I. (buy)
7 Shatner is God. (this is an Elton John cover performed at the Science Fiction Film Awards in 1978)

Bonus: Fear of Pop - "Still In Love"

Bonus bonus: here's the video of the original performance of "Rocket Man"

Bonus x3: A video of "You Won't Succeed on Broadway" can be seen here.

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