23 June 2009


Here's one of the funkiest mixes I've put together. Well, actually, it's split between legendary funk and lesser known alternative.

There was one incredibly funky track that I tried to fit in, but couldn't make it work. I put that one separately at the end of the post, 'cause it's way too good to let go.

(files expired)

1 Dinosaur Jr. - "Freak Scene"
2 Rick James - "Superfreak"
3 Jude - "Rick James"
4 Big Audio Dynamite - "James Brown" (remix)
5 James Brown - "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (Part 1)"
6 Funkadelic - "Hit It and Quit It"
7 Mike Watt - "Maggot Brain"

1 From the album Bug. (buy)
2 From the album Street Songs. (buy) Unrelated trivia: Rick and Neil Young were roommates for a time in the 60's. They were also in a band together called The Myna Birds. They recorded an album, but it remains unreleased to this day.
3 From the tragically underhyped, and out-of-print, album No One is Really Beautiful. Pick it up if you find it.
4 Original version was on Megatop Phoenix, but that's out-of-print. It can be had on some of their best-of's, though. (buy)
5 One of the longest titles ever for a song. Also one of the best songs, though. A longer version of this was released on the album Sex Machine. (buy)
6 From the amazing album Maggot Brain. (buy) In my book, this features the best backing vocals ever. How does this one connect? The last lines of the JB tune the precedes it are "Can I hit it and quit it?" repeated several times.
7 A Funkadelic cover from Ballhog or Tug Boat. How does this one relate to the first track? The amazing 10+ minute guitar solo is performed by J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. (The organ, by the way, is played by Bernie Worrell, who also played it on the original)

I tried like hell to fit in Cee-Lo's song "Closet Freak" (buy) somewhere, but couldn't find a way. I'm giving it to you anyway, 'cause it's a fantastic song.

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