10 April 2009


Australian punk / rockabilly band
The Living End began their career as a Stray Cats cover band known as The Runaway Boys. Over the years they, obviously, started writing their own songs, and changed their name, but have maintained a bit of that Stray Cats' rockabilly attitude.

They're huge in their native land, but despite having a large following in The States, they have only had some limited success on the charts here. As I've said before, though, success here can often be the kiss of death.

Nearly all of their single releases over the last 15 years have had non-album tracks on them. I would post a bunch of those, but they've been pretty well covered elsewhere in the blogosphere lately. Just look around a bit if you're interested. It shouldn't take long to find them.

Here's a bunch of tracks from guest appearances on other artists' albums, compilations and the like.

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The Living End - "Rip It Up" (
Little Richard cover) Taken from a free EP given out with the November 2000 issue of Juice Magazine.
The Living End - "Ready" From the wonderful Fat Wreck Chords compilation,
Short Music for Short People. (buy) If you're unfamiliar with the album, it contains 101 different bands doing songs that average 30 seconds each. Well worth the couple of bucks to buy a legit copy.
Kasey Chambers with The Living End - "Crossfire" From fellow Australian Chambers' album Barricades and Brickwalls. (buy)
The Living End - "Sleep On It" Not a rare one for the Aussies, this was on their debut album, but was taken off the American version in order to add "Strange".

The Living End - "Leilani" (
Hoodoo Gurus cover) Taken from the Gurus' tribute album, Stoneage Cameos. (buy)
Jimmy Barnes with The Living End - "Resurrection Shuffle" (Ashton, Gardner and Dyke cover) Jimmy is a legend in Australia. He's best known in The States for his duet with INXS on "Good Times" from The Lost Boys soundtrack. This is from his album Double Happiness. (buy)
The Living End - "Prisoner of Society" (reggae version) I believe this version originates from a radio session. The better known version is from
The Living End.

The Living End discography:

Hellbound, 1995 (ep)
It's For Your Own Good
, 1996 (ep)
The Living End
, 1998 (buy)
Roll On
, 2000 (buy)
Modern ARTillary
, 2003 (buy)
State of Emergency
, 2006 (buy)
White Noise, 2008 (buy)

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