27 March 2009


Throughout their lengthy music career, Propellerheads have managed to release a grand total of one album. But a fine album it was. the disc had so many good songs on it that tracks showed up in several movies (The Matrix, There’s Something About Mary, Etc.) and many commercials (notably the first iPod ad).

Propellerheads (Will White and Alex Gifford) play a sample-heavy version of electronic dance music often referred to as Big Beat. For my money, it’s a very close cousin to Trip Hop. When playing live, the guys often jump between playing several instruments, and multiple turntables.

Naturally, many of the singles released off their one album had otherwise unreleased b-sides. That, of course, is where this little blog comes in.

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Propellerheads - “Dive!” Their first single. Released 2 years before the album.
Propellerheads - “Lethal Cut” One of the b-sides of “Dive!”
Propellerheads - “Props Got Mo’ Skills” From the Propellerheads EP, which was essentially a warm-up for the album.
Propellerheads - “Clang” B-side of the “Spybreak!” single.
Propellerheads - “Echo and Bounce” This was on the original issue of the album, but was taken off the more-often found Dreamworks version of the album, in favor of a Jungle Brothers collaboration.
Propellerheads with The Jungle Brothers - “Take California and Party” The album version, “Take California”, didn’t include The Jungle Brothers. This was issued as a single about a year after the album came out.
Propellerheads with Miss Shirley Bassey - “History Repeating” (Hip-Length Mix) A remix of the album track. The album version is better, but I couldn’t resist putting up some version of the song, thanks to the fine vocals of the classy Miss Bassey.

Propellerheads discography:
Decksandrumsandrockandroll, 1998 (buy)


Grebo said...

I still pine for these guys, wish they'd come back with a killer 2nd album of hooks and beats.

After all these years, I know that probably isn't going to happen, but... *sighs*

Great blog!!

DeadBilly said...

They're both still in the business, so it could happen. Maybe an album every fifteen years?

itsjustmovies.com said...

I was thinking about these guys today. I always wanted another disc, too.