30 October 2008


Not even 24 hours after whining about spending too much time at work, I got half a day off. That was enough time to, while doing various chores around the house that had been ignored for ages, upload a new batch of songs.

Mike Scott is The Waterboys. But you already knew that.

Aside from the many Waterboys albums, Mike has also released two commercial solo albums, a couple of fan club-only discs, and has guested on several songs from friends.

I’m not going to give you some big ol’ blurb about him. My thoughts are, if you’ve been frequenting this blog, then you probably have similar music tastes to me. If that’s the case, there isn’t anything new I can tell you about him.

Here’s some music:

(all files have expired)

Mike Scott - “Why Should I Love You?” (Kate Bush cover) From the compilation, Come Again.
Mike Scott - “Two Great Waves” B-side of the “Building the City of Light” single.
Mike Scott - “The Seaweed Shoveling Song” From the fan club-only album Lion of Love.
Ian McNabb with Mike Scott and Anto Thistlethwait - “Salt of the Earth” Ian is the lead singer of Icicle Works. Mike has worked with him a few times. Here, Anto (another Waterboy) and Ian trade vocals. From the Beggars Banquet RSVP compilation.
Mike Scott - “Mother Cluny” B-side of the “Bring ‘em All In” single.
Mike Scott - “Love Anyway” (demo version) From the “Rare, Precious and Gone” single. Original version is on Still Burning.
Mike Scott - “I’ve Been In the Storm For You” From the fan club-only album Sunflowers.
Mike Scott - “Glastonbury Song” (live solo) Recorded at the Greenbelt Festival on August 28, 1994. Released on a bootleg attributed to The Waterboys, though it was a solo show.
Carlos Nunez with Mike Scott and Paddy Keenan - “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” I’m sure Waterboys fans will recognize the song. This particular version is from Carlos’s album Os Amores Libres.
Mike Scott - “Bleeker Street” From the “Building the City of Light” US promo single.

Mike Scott solo discography:

Sunflowers, 1994 (fan club only)
Bring ‘em All In, 1995 (all songs written by, and all instruments performed by Mike)
Lion of Love, 1996 (fan club only)
Still Burning, 1998 (US version has 4 extra tracks!)

On another topic: I just received word that one of my posts has been taken down due to a DMCA violation. Seriously, all they had to do was ask, and I would have removed the links to the files. I've said it before, I'm not looking to take any money out of anyone's pocket. I post music here because I love it and want people to hear it, and hopefully, to purchase the more commonly available stuff and support the artists.

My apologies if the artist involved felt I was trying to steal from him. I was just trying to get more people to give him a listen. He deserves the attention.


Anonymous said...

A nice set. I love Mike Scott's work - both solo and as the Waterboys. Thanks, and what's with this sudden flurry of DMCA violation notices across the blogs?

Jeff said...

Hey thanks for uploading this stuff. I'd never heard of Mike Scott before, but I was looking for new music so I figured I'd try it out. Glad I did, great stuff. Thanks again, sorry about the DMCA stuff.

Anonymous said...

Here's something really obscure for Mike Scott fans...it's from a compilation album I've had for years called "What a Nice Way to Turn 17", and its a Mike Scott/Nikki Sudden duet called "Mister Fox".


DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the track. I tried to find this one a while ago with no luck. I appreciate the addition to the collection.