07 October 2008


If it weren’t for the fact that they wrote some fine tunes themselves, the Afghan Whigs could have been a really good wedding band. Seriously. Throughout their career, the now defunct band released a ton of cover songs on b-sides and compilations, and all of them were mighty good.

When I decided to do a post on the Whigs, I had planned on the usual mix of b-sides and things, but I guess I hadn’t realized just how much of their rare catalog was covers. So as a result, there are only a couple of originals in the line up, and those are live versions of album tracks.

The rarest cover songs I’ve got is are a Curtis Mayfield cover and a snippet of a Stevie Wonder tune from the promo-only EP Live at Howlin’ Wolf. I figured since I was putting both of those up, I may as well put the whole EP up for those who didn’t happen to get a copy.

(all files expired)
Live at Howlin’ Wolf EP:
The Afghan Whigs - “If There’s Hell Below (We’re All Going To Go)” (Curtis Mayfield cover)
The Afghan Whigs - “Blame, Etc.” Original is on Black Love.
The Afghan Whigs - “Superstition / Going To Town” (partial Stevie Wonder cover) The original “Going To Town” is on Black Love.
The Afghan Whigs - “Debonair” Original is on Gentlemen.
All recorded live on Thanksgiving night 1997 at Howlin’ Wolf, New Orleans.

The Afghan Whigs - “Dark End of the Street” (James Carr cover) From the “Gentlemen” single.
The Afghan Whigs - “Miss World” (Hole cover) From the “Somethin‘ Hot” single.
The Afghan Whigs - “Mr. Superlove” (Ass Ponys cover) From a split single with the Ass Ponys.
The Afghan Whigs - “You’ve Changed” (Dick Haymes and Harry James and His Orchestra cover) From the “Going To Town” single.
The Afghan Whigs - “My World Is Empty Without You” (The Supremes cover) Originally the b-side of “Conjure Me”, but later released as an a-side. Written by the legendary Holland / Dozier / Holland team.
The Afghan Whigs - “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” (Barry White cover) Oh yeah, baby. Barry White. Sweet. Taken from the Beautiful Girls soundtrack.

The Afghan Whigs discography:

Big Top Halloween, 1988
Up In It, 1990 (buy)
Congregation, 1992 (buy)
Gentlemen, 1993 (buy) (my personal favorite)
Black Love, 1996 (buy)
1965, 1998 (buy)

These days, lead singer Greg Dulli is one of the Gutter Twins. The other one being Mark Lanegan, formerly of Screaming Trees.

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