19 April 2008


The early nineties in Seattle, the major record labels were scrambling to sign any band in sight, to try and make a big splash after Nirvana hit. Many of the bands that got major label deals in the era were well deserved, and did well with the “grunge” crowd. These were the days of Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, etc. etc.

Screaming Trees became well known around then for their song “Nearly Lost You”, which was included on the Singles soundtrack. Unfortunately, aside from that one hit, they never made a huge impression commercially. They did, however, put out some of the finest rock albums of the period.

If you’re a fan of any of the above bands, and haven’t heard Screaming Trees, do yourself a favor and pick up Sweet Oblivion, or any other of their albums, for that matter.

As a taster for those who haven’t heard them, and a treat for those who have, here are some of their harder to find gems:

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Screaming Trees - “Darkness Darkness” (Jesse Youngblood cover) From the True Lies soundtrack.
Screaming Trees - “Maybe” From the Japanese edition of Sweet Oblivion.
Screaming Trees - “Winter Song” (Acoustic version) B-Side of the “Shadow of the Season” single. Original version is on Sweet Oblivion.
Screaming Trees - “(There’ll Be) Peace In the Valley” (traditional) B-side of the “Dollar Bill” single.
Screaming Trees - “Working Class Hero” (John Lennon cover) From the a Lennon tribute album.
Screaming Trees - “Silver Tongue” (Deep Purple cover) B-side of the “All I Know” single.
Screaming Trees - “Ash Grey Sunday” An unreleased song from an album that would have been the follow up to Dust, but was shelved when they broke up.

Screaming Trees discography:

Clairvoyance, 1986 (buy)
Even If and Especially When, 1987
Invisible Lantern, 1988
Buzz Factory, 1989 (buy)
Uncle Anesthesia, 1991 (buy)
Sweet Oblivion, 1992 (buy)
Dust, 1996 (buy)

More info at Time For Light.

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