09 February 2008


Mick Hucknall is Simply Red. Him and anyone else that he decides to put in the band at any point.

They, or rather he, came out of England back in the eighties playing a mix of pop, jazz, and blue-eyed soul. Breaking on the scene with the massive hit “Holding Back the Years”. A few minor hits later, they sunk back into obscurity in the states, but remain a big name act elsewhere. Big name with good reason, Mick has a hell of a voice, and his choice of backing musicians has been rock solid over the long haul.

Mick’s brief cameo in Family Guy’s “Blue Harvest” episode ("Simply Red, standing by") reminded me I haven’t heard from them lately. So here’s a few things by Mick & co. you may not have heard already:

(all files expired)

Simply Red - “There’s A Light” B-side of “The Right Thing” single.
Simply Red - “X” A very cool instrumental released on the “It’s Only Love” single.
Simply Red - “Holding Back the Years” (live acoustic version) Not sure where or when it was recorded, but it was released on the “You’ve Got It” single.
Simply Red - “I Know You Got Soul” (live James Brown cover) Also from the “You’ve Got It” single.
Simply Red - “Sugar Daddy” Another one of their great instrumentals. B-side of the “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” single.
Coolio with Mick Hucknall - “Gangsta’s Paradise” (live) Recorded for the French TV show Tarata in 1995.

Simply Red discography:

Picture Book, 1985 (buy) - highly recommended!
Men and Women, 1987 (buy)
A New Flame, 1989 (buy)
Stars, 1991 (buy)
Life, 1995 (buy)
Blue, 1998 (buy)
Love and the Russian Winter, 1999 (buy)
Home, 2003 (buy)
Simplified, 2005 (buy) (remakes of their own songs)
Stay, 2007 (buy)

It appears that Mick Hucknall has announced that the band will call it quits after this year's tour dates. He will continue to record as a solo artist.


Robert Cass said...

Do you happen to still have "There's a Light," the acoustic version of "Holding Back the Years," and "I Know You Got Soul"? In exchange, I can send you some bonus tracks from the 2008 reissues of "A New Flame," "Men and Women," and "Picture Book" if you're interested.

DeadBilly said...

I'll put them up this weekend.

Robert Cass said...

Sigh ... I didn't see your reply until now. This time I've clicked on the "E-mail follow-up comments to ___" box, though. Sorry for the confusion.

DeadBilly said...

Sorry it took a week to answer. I was out of state on vacation.

Robert Cass said...

No need to apologize! Unfortunately, the download links you posted in April have expired.

DeadBilly said...

Links updated.

Robert Cass said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it. I hope to buy Simply Red's new album soon.