24 November 2007


The Wonder Stuff formed in England in 1986. They are best known for sarcastic hits like "It's Yer Money I'm After, Baby" and "Give Give Give Me More More More".

The band broke up after 9 years, and four albums (though Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones had left a few years prior).

During the years that followed, they released a few cash-in albums (the usual best-of, live, and b-side comps). They briefly reformed in 2000, but most of the band again went their separate ways after playing several live shows. Lead singer Miles Hunt wanted to keep going. He and original guitarist Malcolm Treece brought in an otherwise whole new line up, and continued to record and tour as The Wonder Stuff.

Here's a few not often heard songs:

The Wonder Stuff - “Unbearable” (original version) From the single. The more often heard, re-recorded version is on the album The Eight-Legged Groove Machine. (buy import)
The Wonder Stuff - “Ten Trenches Deep” A long time live favorite, this studio version was the b-side of “Unbearable”.
The Wonder Stuff - “The Size of a Cow” (version) This is slightly longer than the regular version on Never Loved Elvis. This was released on the “Size of a Cow” single.
The Wonder Stuff - “Room 512 (All the News That’s Fit to Print)” Originally issued on the Artists for Rock the Vote compilation, later included on the expanded Modern Idiot.
The Wonder Stuff - “Hot Love Now!” (Cardinal’s Error Mix) A completely different version from the standard pop one on Construction for the Modern Idiot.
The Wonder Stuff - “Tipperary Triangle” From the "Hot Love Now!" single.

The Wonder Stuff discography (classic years):

The albums:
The Eight -Legged Groove Machine, 1988 (buy import)
HUP, 1989 (buy import)
Never Loved Elvis, 1991(buy)
Construction For the Modern Idiot, 1993
The cash-ins:
If the Beatles Had Read Hunter, 1994 (buy) (Best Of)
Live in Manchester, 1995 (Recorded in 1991)
Love Bites and Bruises, 2000 (B-sides, etc.)


Anonymous said...

When you say Rob the bass thing left , you meant in a 'this mortal coil' fashion i presume.
Not in a musical differences fashion.
Nice bloke he was met him at a couple of shows back in the late 80's.
Nice blog by the way.

DeadBilly said...

Though he has left the mortal coil, he left the band several years before his passing. He moved to The States and formed another band before becoming another casualty of the musician/drug thing. They must have one hell of a band in the next world.