05 November 2007


The Frames have been tooling around their native Ireland (and other places) since the early nineties. Word has it that in their homeland, they are nearly as popular as the mighty U2. That's a good thing, since their recent output far surpasses the recent offerings of Bono & Co.

Not that I'm trying to slag U2. Their earlier work still ranks among my favorites, but I grew tired of them about the time Bono did that whole McPhisto thing, which is about when The Frames showed up on the scene.

Anyway, this isn't about U2. So let's get to some music by The Frames:

The Frames - "The Dancer" This is actually an album cut from Another Love Song, but the album is long out of print. If you manage to find a copy, it's well worth the buy.
The Frames - "One Irish Rover" B-side of the "Revelate" single. Features a guest appearance by fellow Irishman Liam O'Maonlai (of Hothouse Flowers).
The Frames - "Frailach" A traditional song recorded for the compilation album Liss Ard, Vol. 1.
The Frames - "Listen Girl" B-side of "Headlong" single.
The Frames - "Rise" Original b-side version, from "Lay Me Down" single. This was later re-recorded for the album The Cost. (buy) Though I love the original, the album version is even better.
The Frames with Jan Hruby - "Fitzcarraldo" (live) From the US-only EP Roads Outgrown. The studio version is on the album of the same name, and is one of my all time favorite songs.

The Frames discography:

Another Love Song (1991)
Fitzcarraldo (1995) (buy import)
Dance The Devil. . . (1999) (buy import)
For the Birds (2001) (buy)
Set List (2003) (live) (buy)
Burn the Maps (2004) (buy)
The Cost (2005) (buy)

More info at the official site, and of course, the Wiki.

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