20 October 2007


The Tindersticks formed in England in the late eighties. Starting out under the name Asphalt Ribbons. The name change came, reportedly, when lead singer Stuart Staples found a book of matches on a beach in Greece.

They were best known for their cinematic music, coupled with Stuart’s deep, Roger Whittaker-like, vocals.

Tindersticks have released two combination best-of / rarities albums. Donkeys (1998) and Working For the Man (2004). These are a few songs that are not on either of those:

Tindersticks - “Girl on Death Row” (Lee Hazzlewood cover) from a Love Bites Magazine compilation.
Tindersticks - “Manalow” an instrumental from the “Bathtime” single.
Tindersticks - “Rented Rooms” (Swing Version) from the “Rented Rooms” single. Original version is on Curtains. (buy)
Tindersticks - “Pussycat” (Live) Written for, but not included on Simple Pleasure.
Tindersticks - “What Is A Man” (Four Tops cover) Recorded for the British TV series The Sins.
Tindersticks - “I Want You” from the Don’t Even Go There EP.
Tindersticks - “Now It’s Over” B-Side of their final single “My Oblivion”

Tindersticks discography:

Tindersticks (1993)
Unwired EP (1993)
Tindersticks (1995)(buy) (a.k.a. Tindersticks II)
Nenette et Boni soundtrack (1996)
Curtains (1997)(buy)
Donkeys 92-97 (1998)
Simple Pleasure (1999)
Can Our Love. . . (2001)(buy)
Trouble Every Day soundtrack (2001)(buy)
Don’t Even Go There EP (2003)
Trojan Horse EP (2003)
Waiting For the Moon (2003)(buy)
Working For the Man (2004)(buy)

More information on Tindersticks at their official site.


tfrancis said...

you can download the rare tindersticks - amsterdam 94 live album over on my blog: http://twoheadedboymusic.blogspot.com/2008/02/tindersticks-rare-live-download.html

spread the word!!!

DeadBilly said...

Thanks for the heads up.