08 July 2007

Cactus World News / Workhorse

Please forgive the lack of poetic text. I never fancied myself a writer. the purpose is to introduce some bands you may not have heard. I promise they write better than I do. . .

Let's start with something from the 80's. Cactus World News were one of the first bands signed to Bono's (the guy from U2, and global politics) baby, Mother Records. With his help, they released "The Bridge", which got them some buzz in their native Ireland. Enough buzz to get them signed to MCA, on which they released the absolutely brilliant full length "Urban Beaches" in 1986.

Then, as is typically the story, they toured for ages, and gained a descent following.

After their second album, "No Shelter", was shelved, they stuck around for a bit, then went their separate ways.

However, that's not the end of the story. A couple years back, some of the fellas went back and remastered "Urban Beaches", threw some bonus tracks on it, and reissued it. Better yet, they finally issued "No Shelter" on their own label.

So, enough with the talking. Try out some music. Firstly comes "Years Later". It was one of the singles off "Urban Beaches". This is the un-remastered version. If you like it, buy the much better sounding remaster. Remember they're getting the money now, not the big label.

Secondly, a live cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "America", recorded at the Whiskey in L.A., and issued on the promotional-only Spin Concert Series LP.

Cactus World News - "Years Later"
Cactus World News - "America" (Live at the Whiskey)

If you like the music, buy their Cd's HERE

For more information on them, look Here (official page), or Here (wiki).

Now for something from the 90s.

The Workhorse Movement came out of Detroit (Rock City) in the late nineties. Can't say I know huge amounts about them, but they put out 3 releases while they were together, the albums "Dopamine" and "Sons of the Pioneers", and between those, the EP "Rhythm and Soul Cartel", which is the best of the lot, if you ask me. Though "Pioneers" is certainly no slouch.

The music is thick and heavy. Submitted for your approval are the tracks "Motown" (from the EP), and "Mother Earth" (from "Sons of the Pioneers").

The Workhorse Movement - "Motown" (EP version)
The Workhorse Movement - "Mother Earth"

If you like the music, search for them at
Amazon or EBay.

For more info, check them out

From what I understand, some of the guys are now in the band Dirty Americans. You can check them out

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