21 July 2007

16 Horsepower

16 Horsepower was formed in Los Angeles in the early 90's, by David Eugene Edwards and Pascal Humbert, with drummer Jean-Yves Tola. They performed briefly as Horsepower, then split when Edwards moved back to his native Denver, Colorado.

Jean-Yves Tola soon moved to Denver, and the band returned, changing their name to 16 Horsepower. For the next few years, the band toured the country and played what I've heard described as "alt-country" or "folk-rock", or "gospel-folk", or any number of other combinations of country, folk, rock, alternative, gospel, traditional and bluegrass. And, really, you can't pin down their sound without using all those terms.

In 1995, they released a self-titled EP, before signing to A&M Records. Their debut full-length Sackcloth 'n' Ashes was released in 1996, to huge critical acclaim. As with all their following albums and tours, the critics loved them, and they gained a large fan base, but never broke through to the mainstream.

Around the turn of the century, each of the band members began working on side projects, while still touring and recording with 16 Horsepower. They finally called it quits in 2005.

These days, David Eugene Edwards tours and records with his new band, Woven Hand. Pascal Humbert formed the band Lilium, and was later joined by Jean-Yves Tola.

16 Horsepower Discography:
16 Horsepower (1995) (EP)
Sackcloth 'n' Ashes (1996) (buy)
Low Estate (1997) (buy)
Secret South (2000) (buy)
Hoarse (2000) (live) (buy)
Folklore (2002) (buy)
Olden (2003) (buy)
Listen to these:
16 Horsepower - "Brimstone Rock" from Low Estate.
16 Horsepower - "Clogger" from Secret South.
And, because I love finding the odd obscurity,
16 Horsepower - "Flowers In My Heart" recorded live at Pinkpop 2000. the studio version was released as a b-side to "Haw" in 1996.
For more info (and more mp3s), take a look at this site, or this wiki.


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